"Working together in Philadelphia to achieve
immunizations across a lifespan"

Who Are We?

PIC Board Members

  • Kristen A. Feemster, MD MPH MSHPis Medical Director of the Immunization Program and Acute Communicable Diseases at the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and Director of Research for the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).  She trained as a pediatric infectious diseases physician and health services researcher at CHOP and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine where she has been on faculty since 2010, currently as an adjunct associate professor.    She serves on the boards of the Pennsylvania and Philadelphia Immunization Coalitions and the UNITY Consortium that promotes adolescent vaccination.  She is also a technical advisor for the American Academy of Pediatrics Global Immunization Advocacy Initiative that works with pediatric societies to support immunization programs in low and middle income countries. Related to her positions and community involvement, Dr. Feemster has authored a book (Vaccines: What Everyone Needs to Know), numerous peer—reviewed manuscripts and invited commentaries and regularly provides vaccine education to a wide range of audiences.  She proudly hails from Detroit, MI and now resides in Philadelphia with her husband and two children.

  • Veronica Alvarez, MPAVeronica is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) field assignee to the Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s (PDPH) Immunization Program.  She’s been with the CDC for over 20 years, working as a legislative analyst, emergency responder with the CDC Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Program in Atlanta, and now, as a Public Health Advisor in Philadelphia.  With PDPH,  Veronica is responsible for managing the Vaccines for Children’s (VFC) Program, the Vaccine for Adults At Risk (VFAAR) Program, helping Philadelphians find doctors and vaccines in the city, providing specialized help to native Spanish speakers in the city, and providing a helping hand to projects- both big and small- that help Philadelphian’s stay healthy and safe from disease.   

  • Aramide Ayorinde

  • Pat Gadson

  • Ann Gordon, RN MSN - Presently, Ann is a public health nurse working with Philadelphia Department of Health. Ann has worked as public health nurse since 1998, first starting with the Bucks County Department of Health. She has had a wide variety of nursing roles, including working at immunization clinics, TB clinics, Well Baby clinics, STD clinics and working with the Bucks County Bioterrorism team. Ann has also worked as a Clinical Nursing Instructor with local universities since 2005. Back in 2007, Ann joined the Vaccine for Children Program (VFC) as a Provider Quality Assurance Nurse and transferred to Philadelphia County in 2012.

    From 2000 to 2012, Ann co-chaired the Bucks County Immunization Coalition (BCIC), and also held a position with the Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition (PAIC) as the Immunization Project Chair for a number of years. Ann joined the Philadelphia Immunization Coalition (PIC) back in 2017 bringing with her a wealth of experience from collaborating with previous coalitions. Ann is a Philadelphia native and proud to be a PIC board member working with such a dedicated team.

  • Jane Gould, MD FAAP – Dr. Jane Gould is a pediatric infectious diseases physician. She is a medical epidemiologist with the Healthcare Associated Infection/Antimicrobial Resistance program and the pediatric TB consultant in the TB Control program at the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. She is also a public health physician consultant in the Healthcare Associated Infection Prevention/Antimicrobial Stewardship program in the Bureau of Epidemiology at the Pennsylvania Department of Health. She has been a PIC board member since 2008.

Mission Statement:

“The Philadelphia Immunization Coalition encourages all Philadelphians, regardless of age, race/ethnicity, or profession to stay up-to-date on their immunizations. PIC is pleased to offer a range of resources, workshops, and to support a variety of systems, including immunization registries, to assist with these efforts.

The Philadelphia Immunization Coalition works to create an environment in Philadelphia where every resident is appropriately immunized. PIC envisions a future in which all Philadelphians, from the newly born to adolescents to seniors, will be protected from vaccine-preventable diseases in order to improve the quality of life for all Philadelphians. To achieve our vision, PIC works to foster comprehensive, sustainable state and community policies and practices to ensure that Philadelphia’s residents are protected from the consequences of vaccine-preventable diseases throughout their lifespan.”

What are coalitions?

Immunization coalitions are made up of people, dedicated people who have organized themselves together to improve the blanket of protection that vaccines offer their communities. Those communities may be local, regional, statewide, multi-statewide, national, or even international. They have variable sizes, structures, leadership and ways of operating- some even have Board of Directors. Coalitions focus on different areas of immunization such as making sure children get vaccinated before school entry or senior citizens receive influenza vaccine, raising community awareness about the value of vaccines, and dozens of other arenas where their expertise and hard work can increase immunization rates.

The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) knows something about being a coalition, having begun as a small group of healthcare workers and community members on the west side of St. Paul, Minnesota. What brought our grassroots coalition together was the realization that newly arriving Southeast Asian refugees to our community were not receiving CDC-recommended hepatitis B screening and vaccination.

The coalition’s further growth was spurred on when we learned that in addition to not receiving hepatitis B vaccine, many of these refugee children were not receiving most of their recommended vaccines. Measles took the lives of three of these children in 1991, and led to the hospitalization of many more.

And this is how other coalitions get their starts too. Community members identify a problem and come together as individuals and organizations to find solutions.

IAC’s grassroots coalition history is the basis of our passion and determination to support the hundreds of immunization coalitions throughout the country by providing them with the kind of assistance each one needs to flourish.


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The Philadelphia Immunization Coalition (PIC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization qualified to receive tax-deductible donations. PIC’s tax ID #XXX. The Coalition has been around since XXX . Every donation received is another opportunity to help achieve and maintain full immunization protection for all Philadelphians to promote health and prevent serious illness. To make a donation using a credit card, please click on the PayPal button below. You will be taken to the secure website where your information will be safe, private and secure. To make a donation by check, please make check payable to Philadelphia Immunization Coalition and mail to PIC, 1101 Market Street, 12th Floor, Philadelphia PA 19107