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Public Health Workers Appreciation Night at the Phillies

Join us on September 25th at 4:05pm for Public Health Workers Appreciation Night to see the Phillies vs. the Pirates!

The Philadelphia Immunization Coalition along with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health wants to appreciate everyone that stood up and took on public health work – in any capacity, at any point in time – during this pandemic. Essential workers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratorians, utility workers, teachers, janitors and maintenance crews, delivery workers, emergency responders, community organizations throughout the city and countless others were instrumental in getting Philadelphia through the COVID-19 pandemic. We also want to particularly thank the city and state public health professionals that dedicate their lives every day to ensure the public’s health. To you- and the many other public health champions – thank you for all the work you do.   

The Philadelphia Immunization Coalition in collaboration with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health secured an opportunity with the Phillies to hold a “Public Health Worker Appreciation Night” on Saturday, September 25 at 4:05 p.m. Public health workers and their supporters can join “Public Health Worker Appreciation Night” by purchasing tickets at a discount via this link:


When 500 (or more) of these tickets are purchased through the link, the Phillies will showcase a custom-made video showing our appreciation to all public health workers on the PhanaVision (you may see some people you know on screen!). Public health workers will also have the opportunity to nominate a champion public health worker to throw out the first pitch (more details to follow). And even more important than all that, we’ll get a chance to enjoy each other’s company outdoors after a LONG eighteen months.

As an added bonus, we’re getting special pricing! Seats are available as follows:

  • Field Level Baseline Sections 108-111 ($37 each)
  • Pavilion Sections 206-211 ($28 each)
  • Pavilion Deck Sections 306-310 ($10 each)

We hope to see you all there celebrating the tireless work of Philadelphia’s public health workers! Email picsubscriber@phillyimmunize.org with any questions.

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