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Immunizations and Global Health - This module discusses vaccines around the world including goals of vaccine programs, the importance of the World Health Organization (WHO) and successful global vaccine initiatives.

Ethical Aspects of Immunizations - This module discusses the differences between recommendations and requirements, types of exemptions, herd immunity versus individual rights, and the unique case of vaccines for healthcare workers.

Social and Economic Aspects of Immunizations - This module alerts students to vaccine safety and liability issues and resources, cultural competencies, community initiatives, patient education resources, and information about reimbursements, coding and billing, and the VFC program.

Technical Aspects of Immunizations - Everything you need to know to give immunizations, including needle sizes, how to give multiple immunizations at a single visit, special scenarios (HIV, immuno-compromised patients, adoption, travel, pregnancy), documentation, minimum intervals, comfort measures, consent, indications and contraindications, and formulations.

Immunization Schedules and Recommendations - Who gets vaccines? Which ones? When? What if a patient is behind on their immunizations? What about flu vaccine? What are the school entry and daycare requirements in each state? How about minimum intervals? Also includes case studies to aid students in learning about the schedule.

Vaccine-Preventable Diseases and Vaccines - This module covers the diseases, the vaccines, as well as the science of vaccines, epidemiology and principles of controlled clinical trials.

Missed Opportunities and Registries - What is a missed opportunity? How are registries being used? What are catch-up schedules and minimum intervals? How do I find out about community initiatives in my area?

Healthcare Workers and Immunizations - What is the professional responsibility of a healthcare worker and what are their individual rights? Which vaccines should a healthcare worker be sure to have?


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